2023 Crowdfunding Video Creators – CrowdCube Seedrs

2023 Crowdfunding Video Creators – CrowdCube Seedrs

Mabinogi are award-winning producers of crowdfunding videos for CrowdCube, Seedrs, Kickstarter, Envestors, SeedLegals

Whoa Nelly! What a craaaazy couple of years we’ve had.

Covid. Brexit. Masks. Vax.. and Zooms.

But don’t worry our cameras never stopped rolling and our Crowdfunding Video Productions seemed to get better and better.

So sit back and relax and check out some of our favourite Crowdfunding Promos for Seedrs & CrowdCube that we recently created.

*For Kickstarter Success stories visit:  Outsmarted, Pinsta, WeeStand, GrandStand, Earzz

Insure Tech – CarCloud – Seedrs

Maternity / Baby Tech – CyberStroller – CrowdCube

Food & Beverage – Stem & Glory – CrowdCube

FemTech – Dame – Seedrs

FinTech – PaySend – Seedrs

NanoTech – Metalchemy – CrowdCube

Health & Family – Famli App – Seedrs

Travel / Hospitality – Luggage Hero – Seedrs

FinTech – Stockomendation – Seedrs

AdTech – Motohawk – Seedrs

Sustainable Fashion – Gibie – CrowdCube

MedTech – Poonyah PCL Health – CrowdCube

Travel / Hospitality – AltoVita – Seedrs

Sustainable Fashion – ThreadTales – Seedrs

Mabinogi Productions Crowdfunding Videos contribute more than just pretty pictures to your crowdfunding campaign or product launch.

We bring ideas to help you clearly and concisely communicate your USP, brand ethos and business proposition.

We help shape your story and define who you are as a company. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our previous clients have to say.

Often our clients have never created a crowdfunding video or corporate promo, so we have collected some thoughts on the most frequently asked questions about corporate video production.

If you need help making a crowdfunding video or creating a corporate promo, feel free as well to contact us directly at hello@mabinogi.co.uk

Mabinogi Crowdfunding Video Creators from MABINOGI on Vimeo.


  • Date October 8, 2021
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