Pinsta Camera Kickstarter Multi Video Package

Pinsta Camera Kickstarter Multi Video Package

Pinsta Camera – The Full Kickstarter Video Package!


200% after 2 days!

Pinsta – Instagram Teaser Graveyard

After crushing it with WeeStand in Spring 2021 and raising an astonishing 2800% overfund, we were super excited when Inventor Oliver New approached us to create a suite of Kickstarter Videos to launch his amazing Pinsta Camera.

We knew that once again this was more than just a ‘Hero Video’ on Kickstarter. This was a full court press to create a suite of films to generate excitement, intrigue and ultimately ACTION!



Pinsta – Instagram Teaser Church Walk

For Pinsta we started with 2 super cool teaser videos that played heavily on Insta to generate excitement around the innovative ‘dark room in your hands’ pin hole camera.  The goal was for the viewer to want to ‘be that photographer’ out in the field stalking the next awesome shot.  (Click the images for link to videos)



These had a huge impact in generating dialogue and engagement on Instagram.  Complements, questions and suggestions came rolling in. Thus generating more reach. And ultimately more pre-sales/sign ups!

Over 5000+ by the time of launch. 

Pinsta – Field Demo Cardiff (Link)

Following close on the heels of the excitement created by the Teasers, we pivoted from quick and catchy to a deep dive demonstration of the Pinsta Camera in action from start to finish.  The aim was to show every step of the creative process when using Pinsta Camera in real world situations. This built a huge amount of trust with potential customers as they could see this was not a ‘work in progress’ but rather a camera ready to ship.   The comments were amazing with viewers begging for the release date and itching to get their hands on this innovative little camera.

Pinsta Field Demo Cardiff (Link)

4 Field Demo videos were created in Cardiff in the Summer of 2021. Each one was a mini-documentary following a professional photographer putting the camera through its paces as well as discussing the creative process behind working with a pinhole camera and traditional chemical processes.

Nearly 50 minutes of documentary footage was delivered. This ‘long’ form video was the perfect contrast to the super short and snappy Instagram Videos.

Once a viewer devotes loads of time researching a project –

9 times out of 10 they will become a backer!

And of course the final pieces of the puzzle was the Kickstarter Anchor video and social media cut downs.  A great blend of product ‘wow’ and the inventor’s personal story and passionate pursuit to bring the magic of Black & White traditional photography to a ‘world drowning in pixels’.

Anyone can just show up and shoot your pitch video. But we here at Mabinogi Productions offer much much more. We offer decades of experience. A customer / audience focused sales approach. And live by the old Hollywood Motto…

‘Don’t be boring’

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  • Date October 5, 2021
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