Stem & Glory – CrowdCube Crowdfunding Video Production

Stem & Glory – CrowdCube Crowdfunding Video Production

Crowdfunding video creators, Mabinogi Productions, help Stem & Glory achieve a smashing overfund on Crowdcube.  We produced the crowdfunding video and social media shorts and were overwhelmed by the crowd’s support.

This hugely successful crowdfunding campaign was lead by S&G founder Louise, who gave a masterclass in how to successfully crowdfund.  For any founders out there looking for tips, just visit Stem & Glory’s Crowdcube page and take notes.

One of the best things about the Stem & Glory campaign is that it once again illustrated the effectiveness of Mabinogi’s High Value Investment strategy to creating videos.

This high value investment strategy prioritise your campaign videos to appeal to serious investors willing to invest £1,000 – £50,000.

These videos tell a compelling story to investors looking for 10x returns.  The key is the quality of the team, the product and most importantly the market opportunity and vision to scale.

You can read more about our High Value Investor Strategy by clicking here.

Stem & Glory’s campaign attracted 116 investors who committed over £1000 to the Crowdcube campaign.

Including 5 investors backing S&G to the tune of £20,000 – £35,000 each.

To find out more about our High Value Investment Strategy contact us today.

Up to 50% financing available.

See what our previous clients have to say about creating a crowdfunding video campaign with Mabinogi.


STEM & GLORY Crowdfunding Video Crowdcube from MABINOGI on Vimeo.

  • Date March 15, 2022
  • Tags Aerial Cinematography, Commercial, Corporate Promo, Crowdfunding, Interviews, Investment Pitch, Promo