Snowflake Gelato – Crowdcube & Franchise Videos 2023

Snowflake Gelato – Crowdcube & Franchise Videos 2023

Tasty times for Mabinogi as our Corporate Video Prouductions help Snowflake Gelato go global. With 10 locations in the UK, this artisan gelato boutique is poised to conquer the world as their Franchise expansion gears up.

After using Mabinogi Productions to create their Crowdcube Pitch video, Snowflake also simultaneously shot a Franchisee Pitch video to aid their global expansion.

This efficient use of a suite of films allowed them to reduce their production costs by 33%.

In the end 11 videos were created with the goal of them being marketing tools for at least the next 12 months. Including:

  • Investment Pitch Video
  • Franchisee Pitch Video
  • Providence of Ingredients
  • Franchise Testimonials
  • Investment Testimonials
  • Short Investment Pitch
  • Short Franchise Pitch
  • Press & Marketing Highlights
  • Gelato Master Chefs BTS

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