Thymia Raises £1.26 Million on Crowdcube

Thymia Raises £1.26 Million on Crowdcube

MedTech is sizzling this year as another clever start up, THYMIA, uses AI to help relieve the pressure on overstretch healthcare systems around the world by using AI to identify mental illness & track its symptoms via voice, video & behavioural data.

This CrowdCube campaign was a huge success with the Thymia team posting Mabinogi’s videos on LinkedIn daily to attract more and more high value investors.

Netting £1,126,463.75  from over 450 investors.

They didn’t just keep posting the same video though, instead they used the suite of videos provided by Mabinogi as part of their Premium package to A/B test as well as appeal to different decision levers / emotions.

For instance using a 60 second compassion-focused short to attract investors looking to give something back to society by helping reduce individual suffering and the burden on healthcare system.  That is the video above. Below is the full investor pitch.

In another series of posts, they then used a 60 second version focused on ROI that leaned heavily into the size of the market, trends for AI tools in medicine and the huge potential returns for the company and its proprietary technology.

Finally they used the full video periodically to allow all potential investors as well as media, VC’s and even potential costumers to take a deeper dive on the team, product and vision.

With the fantastic raise as well as an additional £2.8m in VC backing, Thymia’s ultimate aim to support clinicians in quickly reaching an accurate diagnosis and ensuring effective treatment will hopefully become reality.

Read as well what COO Gabrielle Powell had to say about working with MAG and Mabinogi Productions:

We worked with Mark Anthony on the production of a fundraising video for CrowdCube. He has been an excellent collaborator and partner – understanding our company and its mission and vision so clearly he was able to help us tell the story in the most engaging way. He was exceptionally professional and supportive and has gone above and beyond to ensure that we have produced a great video and had fun doing it! We would definitely work with Mark Anthony again.

  • Date September 11, 2023
  • Tags Corporate Promo, Crowdcube, Crowdfunding, Investment Pitch, SEEDRS