TRIK – Aerial Inspection Promo

TRIK – Aerial Inspection Promo

This is a unique one in that we started as the Aerial Pilots for this cutting edge technology company out of London.  Our brief was to assist in some ground breaking structural mapping of a crumbling council estate.

We did our initial survey and 3D mapping in March 2017 to provide the crucial data to help the AI engine learn to process structural imagery and identify faults requiring human intervention (see… cutting edge, right?).

Then in June 2017 – TRIK CEO Pae Natwilai returned to us to not only fly and map the structure again, but to also create a Product Launch video to unveil TRIK at one of South East Asia’s largest Technology Expos.

The only downside was I had to step out from behind the camera for the first time in 20 years!

We are thrilled with the result and even more exited to introduce our industrial survey clients to this ground breaking service. Visit for more info on aerial surveys and 3D mapping.

  • Date November 1, 2017
  • Tags Aerial Cinematography, Architecture, Commercial, Corporate Promo, Interviews, Investment Pitch, Promo