JobMate ERP & SAGE

JobMate ERP & SAGE

JobMate’s crowdfunding video for their 2nd round on Crowdcube was definitely a challenge… especially as they only had 5 days until launch when they contact Mabinogi Productions to create their investment video.

But we hit it off with the team at JobMate during our scoping discussion and agreed it wouldn’t be easy and we’d lose some sleep but it definitely could be done. Besides… we always like a challenge.

So the Mabinogi team went to work immediately creating the script, schedule and logistics before packing our gear and heading to Wolverhampton for a fun day of shooting. Straight back to the studio in Cardiff afterwards, we processed footage all night to hit the ground running at 7 am the next morning. Three 12 hour shifts later and the first cut was ready.

Two quick rounds of same day amends and viola! We hit the deadline and rewarded ourselves with a very large glass of wine!

Now we don’t recommend the 5 day turnaround as something to look forward to, but if needs must… the team at Mabinogi are ready to give it a bash.

Please find the full video below



  • Date November 18, 2023
  • Tags Corporate Promo, Crowdcube, Crowdfunding, SEEDRS