HouseStars Overfunds on Seedrs 158%

HouseStars Overfunds on Seedrs 158%

Mabinogi Productions’ crowdfunding pitch video for HouseStars Seedrs campaign delivers results with week 1 overfund!

Driven by an uber-easy, AI-powered app, HomeStars aims to revolutionise property repairs by providing access to tradespeople for fast, reliable services at a fair price.

With entrenched players already in the market via CheckaTrade and RatedPeople, the mission to disrupt was never going to be easy, but after a year of roll outs in their initial market proved not only profitable but also hugely popular with both customers and Tradespeople, the team at HouseStars knew it was time to grow.  With this successful fundraise they can now expand into Greater London accessing 7m more properties.

See the full Seedrs Investor Pitch Video that they used in their campaign below:

  • Date September 27, 2023
  • Tags Aerial Cinematography, Corporate Promo, Crowdcube, Crowdfunding, Investment Pitch, SEEDRS