Facebook – The School Uniform Shop.com

Facebook – The School Uniform Shop.com

Fantastic commercial we did with BL Films.

Great talent and super prepared director combined for a tidy shoot and awesome result.

Once again this Facebook specific campaign was spearheaded by Thomas with uncanny precision. Targeting the spend directly at mothers with school age children in the South Wales catchment area The School Uniform shop didn’t waste a penny on advertising.

The result was a record shattering month for online orders for the client. As with our other campaigns the ROI doesn’t end there though, as these mothers will hopefully be clients for life, returning each year for each child. Add in the school gate word of mouth and this ROI will be well into 10x return.

Conclusion = Facebook advertising works. It is cost effective, targeted and quick to produce.

If you would like to see how we can help you business with a Facebook video campaign, please get in touch.

  • Date November 21, 2016
  • Tags Commercial, Corporate Promo, Facebook, Promo