AXIA FUNDER – Seedrs Crowdfunding Video

AXIA FUNDER – Seedrs Crowdfunding Video

Crowdfunding Justice with Axia Funder!

Super pleased to have our crowdfunding video be a part of this SEEDRS crowdfunding success story.

We loved the concept behind this one so much we even invested ourselves!

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown they still raised over £240,000 in Seed funding exceeding their target by such a margin that they had to close the campaign early to preserve their equity on offer.

In addition the team behind Axia Funder had some very kind words about working with Mabinogi Productions:

Engaged Mark for a crowdfunding campaign video. I would highly recommend his video services to anyone:

  1. Great preparation and work ethic: sent us our video storyboard well in advance. Turned up v early and organised.
  2. Able to handle complexity in real time: we had 9 different participants we needed to shoot in 7 hours. Mark was able to juggle the different elements with ease.
  3. Knows Alternative Finance v well: would have been able to deliver our lines for us in many instances/ and repeatedly proposed better ways to make the key points succinctly.
  4. Reliable – make several vital post production tweaks v quickly / with min fuss.
  5. Creative content generation.

I hope to maintain the relationship in the years ahead.

Hugely scalable and lead by a top notch team.

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  • Date May 11, 2020
  • Tags Aerial Cinematography, Commercial, Corporate Promo, Crowdcube, Interviews, Investment Pitch, Kickstarter, Promo, SEEDRS, Timelapse