TUI Accelerates Its Digital Transformation

TUI Accelerates Its Digital Transformation

Nice customer profile of TUI Head of Engineering Pieter Jordaan we did for Amazon Web Services.

We did three interviews during an AWS London Summit day which have each been turned into 4-minute Customer testimonials highlighting USP’s of Amazon’s cloud services.

In terms of value for money, nothing beats bringing a film crew to your events to load up on testimonials that you can use to shape your marketing and branding campaigns throughout the year.  To do 3 different sit down interviews would have cost 3 – 4 times as much.

Also customers and attendees are often energised by events and conferences and thus deliver more genuine, concise and enthusiastic responses.

If you have an upcoming event that could benefit from one of our video crews, get in touch today for a no obligation quote.

We offer full service planning, shooting and editing.     We are also geared up for live streaming of events on Facebook and YouTube.

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  • Date February 16, 2018
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