The market is open! Autumn Fair ‘18 Day 1 highlights

The market is open! Autumn Fair ‘18 Day 1 highlights

One of the largest events of its kind, The Autumn Fair (and later Spring Fair) brings together nearly 2500 businesses over 3 days at the NEC Birmingham.

With 3 cameramen and one producer / editor the team hit the ground running, covering every moment from the doors opening to the cocktail bar closing!

A live edit was done on the day and released into social media and traditional channels overnight massively raising awareness of the event and driving more footfalls into the hall the following two days.

Each day another highlight video was released as well as a swarm of supporting testimonials from both buyers and vendors. This ‘package’ of videos (nearly a dozen at last count) is by far the most effective use of a promotional video budget.

Some excite the viewer, others inform. Some are targeted at buyers and others at vendors. Long form case studies and super short social media teasers.  Quality and quantity are the key to creating a successful ‘Video Funnel’.

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  • Date April 10, 2019
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